Shackled by Insecurity aka Dude, Get Your Crap Together

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin13 Sep 2013

I watched from afar,
As you were torn apart.
You stood your ground,
But then folded like a child
Standing against a typhoon.
Fretting that they would disown you
When you know it couldn't go that far.
You think too much,
And act too little.
You live your life for everyone else
and you live it bitter.
Expecting that if you do your time
You'll earn your dues
That your life will soon make sense
Everything will piece itself together
Despite the depression, the obsessions
And the distaste for your own skin.
You think confidence will be earned
By giving away your life to everyone else
And so you make the choices
To throw your life away;
For people you know that love you,
but have their own ambitions.
They expect the most of you,
and you know they deserve your respect.
Though at almost twenty one years old
What choices have you made
That have truly been yours?
What choices have you made
That haven't been acts of desperation
Or suggested by others?
Ask yourself this,
And decide for yourself.
Will you follow your heart,
Or listen to someone else of this Earth?