Where a Temple Should Have Rose

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin01 Oct 2013

I’m not sure
Of the choices I will make
And the reasons why
I’ll make them.
I’ve confused my own needs
With the world,
And in the darkest of my fears,
I put my trust.
The Word,
It’s been spoken to me before.
I glazed, rather than listened.
I absorbed, rather than learned.
I hurt,
In a thousand ways,
That I could never explain.
You ask me to be careful,
And I think that I am too careful,
But that is my pride,
And I see the logic
Of guarding myself
Against my pride.
Though I’m still afraid
To commit myself,
Because it will be hard;
I can see that,
I feel that.
I believe it,
I know it.
It is easy to cross that line
And devolve back into sin
For I have made those choices
Every day,
Never allowing God to win.
I say that I’m doing it for me,
And I see already,
That I am wrong.
The throne is not mine,
But it’s too simple
To stay up here.
Do I give myself wholly for Him
Or is there something more at work?
How easy it is that love can turn to lust
And sin overcome,
And leave a wasteland
Where an oasis should have been,
Where a temple should have rose?