A Lonely Monster can Become a Family Man

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin08 Oct 2013

Sometimes I feel like a monster,
Staring in a mirror.
Three faces gazing back at me
And I don't know which to fear.
Each with their own voice.

One, squawking in my ear;
"It'd have been easier, my dear
Less to worry about
If you were someone else.
No worries about love and affection
No senseless base attractions.
You could have had no fear;
And all the love you've wanted.
Now I'm just a voice
That may never go away."

Sometimes I feel like a freak
Messing up my week.
With voices whispering in my head
And I don't know which will speak.

Then the next will mumble,
"Do what they tell you,
Just because they say.
They know more than you,
They are older than you.
It doesn't matter who,
You know you can't do
Anything yourself
So trust them wholeheartedly
Besides, that can't lead to ruin!"

Sometimes I can brush it off
And make it a few more days;
But he always finds me,
And brings me back aways.

This time, he yells in my ear.
"You lousy good for nothing,
Always talking about your heart.
What do you see in this?
Do what you want, when you want
Don't listen to anyone else.
No one knows who you are,
And you should keep it that way
Zip your fat lip up,
Before I make it bleed.
I am all you will ever need."

Sometimes I fall real hard
And think I can do it all.
I think I should be someone else
And I think that I should fall.

Though now I've come to realize
Only pieces may be true,
I shouldn't be someone else
I can be a better self.

Come to realize,
That you can trust people
But you have to trust knowledgeably
And actively seek the way.

And most importantly
Don't succumb to the darkness
That consumes mens hearts
But don't say "I can do it"
Because you can't on your own.