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This poem is an incarnation with all of my thoughts and misgivings. The way I feel about my family, and myself. It's a dark piece of admittance and surrender.

I'm No Man

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin23 Jul 2013

There just are some intricate pieces of my skin,
That bring me to loathe my flesh.
Some days I believe in some infinite beautiful plan;
That brought me to be this man.
Other days I hate the boy that I am
Believing that everything's been a great big scam
And I've been fed a lie
Or maybe satan's came early
And stepped in the way
And I shoulda been someone else.

Maybe I was born at the wrong time;
Or maybe I was raised with the wrong mind.
Now mom and dad don't be sad
These thoughts have nothing to do with you.
You may not have been the best
But you did what you could
And I'm inspired by you.
Ill always love you and what you do.
So don't think you did wrong by me.
You did what you could do.

And I digress from time to time
Because I've got such a wicked brain.
The strain of a thousand thoughts sometimes holds me down,
And it's these thoughts of different lives
And different loves
That make me feel like I'm not enough.
And that I am missing something
But maybe once I fly
I can say goodbye to my woes
But I could be wrong
I hope I'm not wrong.

It takes a lot of heart
To speak what's on my soul.
And I still can't come out and say
What's the worst out of all this.
And if there is some sort of plan
That brought me here to be a man
When will I start?
I don't feel like a man.

I'm no man
I'm no soldier.
I'm no hero.
I'm no superman.
I'm no champion.
I'm no god.
I'm just a boy
If you can call me that.