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I knew a woman who I became close to and shared two years of my life with. I changed a lot because of her, and learned a lot. Still the thoughts about that relationship have tripped my thought process. I needed to write this out and admit to how I"ve been. This is another one of the most personal poems.

That's How it Ended

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin23 Jul 2013

I guess you can say it’s come to mind
From time to time.
How the world tangles up and unwinds
From time to time,
It seems as though patterns form
And life moves on
And from time to time
A word will rhyme and fall together
Like pieces to a puzzle
And it will fit together perfectly in time;

But it seems,
That a pattern I’ve been following
Is self destruction.
I’ll be happy and content,
But will write songs about losing everything.
You could be in my arms,
And I’m already thinking about when you walk out the door
It’s like a premonition
I wish I were wrong;
But sometimes it’s better off this way.

I can look back at the words that I’ve written
The last three years has brought a lot
Of poetry from the deepest darkest corners of my
Heart and of my soul.
It sometimes comes like a forest fire,
And other times like a drizzle.
I see in my life the patterns of thought
And no matter what I do
I repeat them for you;
And what I thought was good
Was really the start of something ending.

That’s how it ended.