The Sunday Mail - Part 4

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin27 Jul 2013

Thought is a process of elimination.
All men are created to think,
But not all men do.
We are a process of growth
We are also a process of decay.
We rise from the ashes of oppression
And then build up new walls of restraint.
Humanity’s greatest strength is humanity.
Humanity’s greatest weakness is humanity
We are what we live
We live what we are
We do and we don’t
While we live and we die.
In the living nightmares of modern days
Growing and decaying and falling in step
To the beat of a drummer who is making mistakes.
He’s leading the choir, and the choir leads him.
You still waiting for the Sunday mail?
Or are you getting up on your feet
And hitting the dance floor?