The Missing Piece Was Jesus

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin22 Jan 2014

God I see what I did
And what I haven't done
I said I won't And I did
And they ask "How come,
Why have You let Satan won?

My Father
Who art in heaven
I know of the things I've did
And I haven't done.
And I am here today
To admit to being complacent,
And lazy, getting blazed,
Getting drunk, getting crunk
And lost in a stupor
I said I'd surrender
But I didn't surrender to you
I gave up, said had enough,
Before I've even begun
And now I'm here
Surrounded by love
How could this not be enough
But no, I yelled in my head
"I am God, and what you want to give me
Will never be enough."
I was foolish and young,
I still am,
But I'm willing to do what I can
Even though I know I may be discouraged And blamed,
and sneered at, and shamed.

So this is what I was asked,
And what I needed to do,
I needed to know what I was doing here
Pretending to be a brother,
When I was a lovely assassin,
A sleeper agent waiting, debating,
On when to strike my loved ones
Out of fear and desperation
Laziness, and complacent lives
Can leave to uncontrollable
Knives in the back
And lead you down a road
Straight into hell,
But you didn't even realize
You had bought that ticket.
And within a minute all was lost,
Because I didn't fight enough
But now I'm screaming in my head,
Jesus I've had enough.
I always said I wanted to write a song and that no one was listening.
Every single part seemed out of place
But in reality that piece of the puzzle wasn't missing,
I just wasn't listening, and didn't realize that piece was Jesus.