The Phoenix

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin07 Feb 2014

Take a look back,
spent some time in the past.
When he used to be familiar
with the way your syllables
fell off his lips.
When he was familiar with
the contour of your hips.
Words were set in motion,
and faith in love abound
but those walls came down.
Looking back in hind-sight
it will be hard to breathe.
Child-like innocence
slowly walking to the edge.
He's standing at the cliff
and you can almost make it out
the moment where the world
began to crumble
and there was nothing underneath.
One second on solid ground,
next step, the drop
the beat, it stops
the heart.

Free-form motion
life is like the ocean.
The ebb and the flow
of living and dying
the getting back up on your feet.
The praying, the crying
in an instant you're lying
to yourself in the airport
on your front porch
at the echo, a lonely reverberation.
In an instant
faith is left on the road
just like you left
when it was cold.
Look back, when you used
to keep score.
It doesn't matter
who is doing better

You thought you wouldn't make it
to the third act of the play.
The beat wasn't pumping,
your blood lay still.
There's still time
look at how far you've come.
See the footsteps in the sand?
Spent some time in the past
when he used to be familiar
with the way your syllables
fell from his lips.
That boy has been laid to rest
your name no longer in his chest
you don't die of heartache
those are just the ashes
of a life before a phoenix
takes flight.