Distance to Happy

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin08 Feb 2014

Everything is within walking distance
if you just take the time
to move past the distance
and the insecurity that anchors you in place.
Happiness is not a destination on the map
you can't just roll up into happiness someday
unless there is a Happiness
somewhere in the good ole U.S of A.
The closest you can get is Happy, Texas
but just because you live in happy
doesn't mean that you belong.
More often than not a person is not
their geographical location
even when they share a name
with a city or a street.
Maybe I can capitalize on a moment
and be a capitalist and take everything I need
but maybe its time to be a socialist
and share everything with those in need
because as a species we have to stick together
if we ever want the world to get better
but instead we stay at each others throats
and we spend all our money on boats
and we strive for this big pension checks
while we forget what it means to be awake and alive.
What do we have to strive
to be a better hive,
Mind, this and that, or that or this
and the words come full circle
and we're back at the start again
no time to comment
or time to committ
busily we keep in motion
never coming to a stop
because we were raised to run.

There is a psychological phenomenon
where diodes are placed
and we're told to think about ourselves in the moment
and a part of the brain flares
and the synapses are bright
and this is all because we think of ourselves.
Next the psychologists and scientists
ask you to think about somebody random
like a stranger off the street
and a different part of the brain lights up
but what does it all mean?
In order to understand the process
it comes to another moment
when they ask you to imagine yourself in the future
you don't think of yourself the same
because the person in the future is like a stranger
so when we procrastinate and create
problems, lies, and live lives self centered
it's because we can't even imagine the future reality
as ourselves.

We're so self-centered
we can't even look after
our futures.