My Friend to the Very End

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin10 Feb 2014

I try too hard to dance around the subject,
when you asked me to write a poem.
I wanted to jump right at the target.
I wanted to do that for you.
It's the least I can do
with God's third greatest gift
for his second greatest gift to me.
I think honesty
is key, and its pertinent
to the conversation
because it's important
to let you know that you're important.
I'm blessed to be even just a footnote
in your story, It's amazing to see
how far we've come,
you and me.
In spite of the abuse of the English language
to justify a rhyme, to be as corny
as I can be, you can take
the boy and the girl out of the country
but a corn field will always be nearby.
It's a marvel that can only be explained
as an act of God, that we've come as far
and covered such a distance,
because of my insistence
to cause resistance,
but there is a light that never goes out
even when the darkness comes knocking at night
begging for another fight
and that's a light
that's guided us together
through the eternal night.
Though, that light is reflected
in the beauty of you.
That light is reflected
in the love that you show
and your face it just glows
and your smile is a beacon
that people can believe in.
The world would not be the same
if you weren't here
and I was blessed with the chance
to have ever known you.
Even with all our disagreements
I wouldn't trade it
for anything in the world
because you are the kind of friend
that only comes along a few times
in a lifetime
and I'm glad that you fell into my life
my friend to the very end.