Faking Autonomy

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin10 Mar 2014

We’re so worried about Al-Qae-Da
When we should be worried about The U.S Senate
And how easy it is just to stop legislation,
By standing up, and reading my grocery list.
The people need to speak up,
Before being stepped on,
When will we say enough is enough
When will we stop saying “man I’m tough”
And toughen up, man, start making a stand
Stop Faking Autonomy
And start practicing,
Make a name for yourself.
Stop living by rules,
Because they blame our generation,
But whose on capitol hill leading our nation?

We are a mess of fools
Providing our lives as tools.
Corporate media swaying our stance
As we try to get into our ladies pants.
Drop to the floor,
And we raise our glass
As we all just shake our ass,
Back and forth, like we wag our tongues
Jumping from one side of the fence to the next.
Which side has won?
The far right, and the not so far right
Where are the leftist propagandists?
All I see is people screaming “The Reds, The reds!”
All I’m hearing is “The Feds, The Feds!”
Democrats, and Republicans, should both be feared
Because all they be doing is screaming
“Change is here”
But all see is children living in fear.

Faking Autonomy, Faking Autonomy
Living and dying in a world of Misogyny
Faking Autonomy, Faking Autonomy
We vote, we scream, we fight, we sing
Faking Autonomy, Faking Autonomy
It takes one word and its over.
We’re just playing a game, but to them it’s the same.
Faking Autonomy, Faking Autonomy.

You swore on the bible to uphold the rights of the people
But all I see is you tearing down steeples
And shaking people for cash,
Trying hard to build your stash
Before the walls cave in, but you don’t see it coming
Because you've made the world into sheep
And you’ve sent them all running,
From the BIG BAD WOLF, in the Middle East
When in reality, the BIG BAD WOLF lives in D.C.