Fighting With Your Best Friend

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin25 Mar 2014

I'm falling in love with every part of you
I tried to fight it but I know that will not do.
I want to know all of your dreams
as well as I love all of mine.
If love is a life sentence
I want to serve it with you
nobody else will do.

I can't forget the way you smiled
the first time we spoke of the both of us
in context I think that's what got me most.
I love the way you light up when children are in the room
and the way the act when you hold them too.

I can't help but tell the world
about the magnificence of your soul
the one that you let God control.
The fire that burns in your chest
as you try and try to give Him your best.
You're an inspiration to us all
and by the heavens you're becoming my muse.

I know there is a long road ahead of us,
and I'm not quite sure if I can handle it alone.
There's so many struggles within each of our souls
but I know that we don't have to go alone.
If there's a fight to be had,
there's no one else alive on this Earth i'd rather have my back.
If you will hold the shield I will take the sword.

Love is something I thought was a myth,
I had grown tired of believing in it.
It's amazing how so much can change
just by getting to know your best friend.