A Godly Perseverence

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin06 Jun 2014

I will fight for you
Will you fight for me?

Our pasts are like anvils
hanging overhead
they hang by a single thread
at any moment we could be dead.

The dark looms over our shoulder
and he whispers lies into our ears.
Where we're from he spoke the truth
but that lie doesn't hold power anymore
as long as we open the door.

The Lord came knocking
wondering where I've been.
I noticed the sound
a slight and pleasant rapping
right upon my door.
I knew who was there
and he'd been here three times a day
at least for ten years.
Sometimes I'd answer and say
"I'm sorry, but not today"
other times I'd come out for a moment
and walk.
I never listened.
He told me though
that some day I would have to choose.
He hoped that I would choose rightly.

For a long time I wouldn't answer at all.
I'd let him knock, and knock, and knock
and never come forward.
His patience never failed.
Even when I was passed out on the floor
his perseverance prevailed.
I could hear the knocking on the door
that pleasant rapping from the floor.
He patiently waited, and I kept on debating
on whether or not I was willing to give up my misery.

A time did pass, and I opened the door
after a particularly unpleasant affair
He greeted kindly and asked me if I'd like fresh air
and I told him "No, I'd like for you to come in today."
I saw a smile rise between his cheeks
and he accepted the invitation with quiet anticipation.
I brought him a glass of water
and we sat and talked for a few hours.
We talked about everything,
and in that moment I knew what I was missing
and I asked him as he was leaving if he'd return tomorrow.
"Of course I shall."

There are days when I don't answer the door
out of shame, out of fear, out of laziness.
He's still there waiting every time
for me to choose to be a kind host
and to be a faithful servant
offering my life for Him.
Though I fail often
I would not be the same
if he hadn't kept tapping at my door.