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This is another one of my skeletons. During the writing of this I almost burst into tears. I felt them; but I'm still one who has a hard time crying; but these are thoughts I have, and things I've wanted to try to fill my life with.

The Addict With a Leash

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin25 Apr 2014

Well lookie what we have here
a screaming bouncing baby girl.
I don't see the man you keep saying that you are.
Look at you sucking your thumb
pissing your self. You think I'm dumb?
I know the truth. I can see you love every minute
of this humiliation.
I don't need an education; or to be sober
to see that you'd been better off a daughter.
I can see the way I yell at you
is turning you on, you little pervert.
Look at me now, I own you!
I'm gonna get you in a collar
and walk you around. You're mine
you little piece of shit.
This is what you git.
You bit off more than you can chew.
What the fuck you gonna do?

I bought you a crib, just like you wanted
I'll get your bib, just as soon as I put on these mittens.
You wanted submission, you wanted domination
I got you a little collar saying "mommies little bitch"
and a ball gag,
I'll put you on display, grow out your hair
and pull you around.
Isn't it what you wanted?
Why'd you let me free, if you wanted control?
I thought I was doing you a favor
when I bought you those diapers.
I thought I was doing you a favor
when I took over that night
and screamed at you
and told you that you were nothing.
Look at the way you cower,
and the way you love every minute of it.
This is what you deserve.
I am what you wanted;
someone to take over your life
and give you away.

You are mine to do with as I please.
No one can save you; because I am you.
You are mine now; I am yours.
There is no God when I'm in control, I'm a nihilist
the only purpose is that I'm a sadist
and you're a masochist and an infantalist.
So I can turn every sick fantasy
that you ever thought would give you life
into a stark and brutal reality.

Pet, come here, kiss my heel.
I'll beat you till you keel over
I know you hate pain, but that's because you want it.
I know you hate pain, because that's when I'm alive.
I know you hate pain, because when it exists
it's when I am in control.
You can't help but hate me;
because your little peepee
goes to attention even when you think of me.
You think you're in control?
You don't know what control is.
You think you let Jesus in.
Satan gave me a collar that won't ever let him win
because I'll always be over your shoulder screaming
this is what you were always meant to be.
A slave to every woman in your life.
Just a child, just a baby, with no control.
A slave to every woman in your life.