A Smile's a Smile but Yours is my Favorite One.

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin27 Apr 2014

Your smile lights up my life;
I find it hard not to write in cliche'
but life is a cliche' sometimes and you can't help
but write out corny lines
when you're stricken by something beautiful.

I can't even explain the way your cheeks light up
the stars can only fathom what lays behind those eyes.
They are deeper than I could ever acknowledge
you baffle me every day.

A smile's a smile but yours is my favorite one;
especially when its after a silence.
It's like waves breaking at dawn
and the way they rise up the coast
and hug it with its vibrant embrace
which is so chaotically beautiful
that one cannot see it all at once because it spans
around the globe.

The ebb and the flow is beyond my imagination
and God did make you beautiful.
Your heart, your smiles, your dreams
bigger than anything I can see.
He does bless the Earth,
when he blesses you.

I don't know what to do when you are sad
when you are lonely, and when you cry.
All I know is that I wish to hold you
and keep you still.
Your heart amazes me,
and I long to feel the way you feel
you feel weak sometimes
but when I see you I see God
and how he makes you strong.
You are not weak
you are like an Amazonian princess
rising up.
You cry not because you are weak
but because you love.
God is love, and when you love
God is with you.
You're stronger than Wonder Woman.

Your love makes you strong.
All this from a smile, and a tear drop.