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I sometimes write in free flow thought. I like to let whatever is going on in my head come out, and sometimes I just want to let God, and let people know exactly what's on my mind. And while I dont' fully understand some of the things that happen, I realize that its good to let these thoughts out.


10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin05 Jun 2014

Who knows what the future will bring.
Not you or I,
and sometimes we think that we can predict it.
Life is life, and it has it's own ebb and flow.
The world would tell you to take it
and run with it.
Ride it like a bull.
Take a couple of pills,
and take off your pants and enjoy yourself.
Sometimes you have to live in the shadows
to even be able to appreciate the light.
Sometimes you have to come within an inch of dying
in order to really come to life.

I guess there is a metaphor here,
that I could use.
We are to become Christ like and reach for that.
I guess that's not a metaphor,
but it's a similarity
that our lives are to mirror His.
Except we make mistakes
and cracks show up in the mirror
and then we lose sight of who we are trying to be.
That's why we need community.
That's why the whole "It's just me and God thing",
just doesn't really work.
How are you supposed to act like Jesus
if you've only got you to go off of,
and none of us are perfect
and none of us are wise on our own.
So how can we expect just "Me and God" to work?

We can't live without direction
and that's why we have the Bible and the Church.
Why we're not meant to wade through the water alone.
We don't have to brave that storm, no
we don't have to accept reality
as something that we can't survive.
We don't have to walk through the fire and the flames, no.
While God is a refining fire
we don't get tossed into the flames to die.
We walk, sometimes in fear, sometimes without it being clear
straight into the furnace,
but when we come out of that water
once we are lowered
you remember you didn't dunk yourself in baptism
someone was there to hold your hand.