Where There's a Will There's a Way.

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin19 Jun 2014

The rolling tide is washing in
I see it rise
the black tempest is broiling
out of control beneath my skin.
The aching breath that's leaving me
as the water rushes over me
I see a light up in the sky
but it's too late to come for me.

And I, just want a momentary silence
when the heart and the head can become one.
And I, would like a chance for a break
from all the crippling fear
all the rattling bones underneath my skin.

I need to trust again.

It gets easy to get going when the seas they arent a rolling
but what do you learn when your seed is not a growing
what are you doing when you're sitting all alone
on the couch and on your own time. (It's never your own time.
Got to pick yourself up and stop feeling sorry for yourself
Got to pick yourself up and let all that insecurity go
flow on back to the darkness where it belongs
because you don't belong there son, its time to realize
your home is in the light.

No body cares about the way you felt, i mean they care
but that's in the past if you let it be in the past.
It'll always be you. It'll always be merged with your flesh
but you don't have to be what your flesh dictates
because that's the power and the glory
of the one who is Holy but you keep smacking it aside
as just another morning glory, buddy.

Aren't you tired of the aching emptiness, when you sit there all alone. Talking to hourglasses dripping just behind the eyelids
you see the way your eyes they tick, tock, back and forth
pan from left to right, rise and fall waiting for the moment
when the heart stops beating.
Why are you already defeated?

Sure you spent a long time letting yourself dive into self pleasuring sexual sin.
Sure you spent a long time questioning why God made you a man.

Sure you've spent too many days letting your body waste away and your brain begins to decay
with every bottle of rumple that you let slip down your gullet
with every bottle of coke you let run down your throat
and with every little bite of the next big heart attack
you've been waiting to die, but it's time to live life
no need to be discouraged by a couple of stupid jobs.

When there is a will
there is a way.
The great thing about grace.
There is always a will.
so there is always a Way.