There are No Words.

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin09 Jul 2014

There are no words that can qualify in an explanation of our Lord.
He is bigger than any combination of words
could ever hope to quantify.
His existence is beyond anything our brains can hope to fathom
and it is through hope and faith
that we can even hold onto the idea
that God is true, just, and reasonable.

I cannot imagine watching someone I love
be crucified for the darkness in my own heart
and for the sins that I have committed
against the Almighty.
There are no words to express
the pain that can riddle a body senseless
at the imagination of a life
being sacrificed in such a way
for someone so unworthy as I.

Even when I feel there is no hope,
You have provided a way out for me.
When I have betrayed You
time and time again,
You saw each moment
and yet You still beg for me as Your bride.
You beg for me,
to trust You,
to have faith in You
and to love You.

I am unworthy,
but even though I have transgressed
against Your love
You still call for me.
The one who created everything.
The stars, the moon, the Earth,
Heaven, and everything else.
You still drop onto your knees
and beg for me to follow.

Lord, I do.