You Saved Me From Myself

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin18 Jul 2014

I never wanted to believe in you
or what you could do
all I saw was the bad in the world.

I just wanted to see you
or who you were
I didn't see the things that you do.

I so selfishly
longed for control of my life.
I hated you,
I despised you,
just two words
for how much
I couldn't stand you.

If you were the God of love
you didn't love enough.

I was so wrong
what had I done
I kept pushing you away.
I was wrong
what had I done
I kept killing you.

Who am I to think that I
need to know the answers
to everything?

Who am I to ask
you to explain yourself
and why you do what you do?

You are God
and I'm a child
I'm a tiny little sheep.

I ran away from the shepherd
I left the herd behind
I wanted to change myself
become someone else
but you knew better.

You tried and you tried
all the while I cried
all the while I wanted to die
you died over and over again
you never gave up on me
you never gave into me
and now I have you to thank
oh God, you're mighty
oh God, you're holy
and full of majesty.

You saved me from myself.