10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin31 Jul 2014

It is never easy fighting our very nature;
hence the reason why many find courtship with God
so difficult, and binding.

We are a generation.
No, a nation
bent on breaking things down to easy
simple, formulaic
observations on the processes of life
liberty, and the pursuit of whatever vice
will fill our fancy this year.

As I write this poem,
I am contemplating breaking a vow
an oath to Jehovah,
and within seconds of doing so
I'd be met with the imagery
of a crucified Jesus
and his Father standing
with his back turned.
Crimson muck oozing
from the hands and feet
and his crown of thorns
mangled in fleshy parts
yet somehow
no broken bones can be found.
Yet, they can be found in me;
in my broken body.

It is easy to forget how hard this life is supposed to be.
Our lives as difficult as they have been
have been lived in relative luxury.
Where we have an abundance of food,
very few of us live below the 40% wealthiest in the world.
Yet we always choose to squander what we have.
It's so easy to throw it all away for us,
how easy do you think it was to die for us
when we won't even give up our selfish wants.