We're all Running out of Time

10600587_10204764587811044_3323353174422219428_nby Devin Mitchell Durbin22 Jan 2015

When do you cut corners
and make a hit and run?

When do you apply the ointment
to the place you were cut?

When do you take a moment
to pull out your gun
and look into the future
and shoot into the dark
and take a leap of faith
that would open up the Earth?

When the sun goes down
what are you thinking of?

Where do you go
when you fall asleep?

Is your heart in knots
trying to piece itself back together
after you've got cut into pieces
and you've only made it worse
as you try to rub salt in a wound
instead of love and compassion
you fill it with rations of vineger and wine.

We are all running out of time.
We are all running out of time.
We are all running out of time.

What will you do when the world
comes crashing halting to an end?

Who is going to be looking back at you
in the evening when the clock strikes twelve?

Will you be a person you can believe in
a human being that has added to the course
of our existance?
Will you have saved lives
or destroyed lives. Will you have become part
of the overall problem?
What would you do, if God came down right now
Who would you be?

Where will your guilt get you
when you look back at this moment?

Where will your heart be
when the sun turns black?

Not that I'm trying to guilt you
a choice is a choice
and we made our choice in the garden
so we have to fight ourselves
to save ourselves
because selfishness will prevail.
Who will you choose to be will
effect everything that we have
and everything our peers will have too.
What will you do?

We're all running out of time.