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I've been reading up on assertiveness so this is an update on my progress.

My Voice

Pz-avatarby Dominic Brathwaite28 Feb 2016

Sometimes I can't find the right words to say,
It feels like my vocal chords have started to decay.
I'm fighting a mental battle to stand up for myself,
But bottling up my views have become bad for my health.
Should I state my opinion or not,
Do you ever get tongue tied? I get it a lot.
I am slowly learning that I have the right,
To stand up, be counted and put up a fight.
To back my judgments and things I believe,
And to justify my view when I feel aggreived.
I used to be passive and go with the flow,
Finding it hard to say that powerful word, no.
I'm in training to become a good communicator,
And that look on your face was a good indicator,
That I'm beginning to get this assertiveness correct,
Because when I disagreed you certainly looked Vexed!
It was like you thought 'How dare you challenge what I say!'
Well you better get used to it, it's not going away.
Now I'm not afraid to protest so you have no choice,
I've found an inner confidence, I've found my Voice!