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A view of how I see the world.

My Mind

Pz-avatarby Dominic Brathwaite28 Feb 2016

The world goes round every single day,
But why doesn't anyone see the world my way.
Poverty, disaster, Human agitation,
A mind map, a brain storm in my imagination.
I guess I just see it through innocent eyes,
And wonder why people just can't get along and be nice.
The hating the violence the need to look strong,
The heartache, the bloodshed, defiance to get along,
In my mind it's peaceful, tranquil and calm
Problems sorted with the extension of an arm.
People should look for their heart within,
What's the point of abusing the colour of skin,
To me it seems pointless that people fight,
Arrogance, rudeness, should stay out of sight.
So when things get tough, I try and slip away,
To my mental locker and there I will stay.
Until the hurt and the pain stops and people no longer shout.
But I know in reality I'm not coming out!