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I bet you've all had that feeling!


Pz-avatarby Dominic Brathwaite03 Mar 2016

Can't sleep, my minds going crazy,
Just once I wish I could sleep like a baby.
Cogs in my mind won't stop whirring,
Next to me my girlfriend's not even stirring.
The harder I try, the wider I'm awake,
Not even close to slumber for fucks sake.
Glance at the clock, alarm ever closer
But no sign of the thing I crave most of
All at this time. A little shut eye.
There's no logical explanation, no reason why.
My bodies exhausted yet my mind's still racing,
If I don't shut it down I know the day I'll be facing.
Grumpy, irritable, not willing to speak,
The more I think this, the further the sleep.
I try all the methods, all the techniques,
From making up stories to the counting of sheep.
The hours go by as fast as seconds,
On the horizon, get up time beckons.
Then some time in the early morn,
Just before the sun at the break of dawn.
I must just drift off into a dream like state,
Why did it take so long? Why did it wait?
And in the blink of an eye that familiar beeping,
But I'm not a SIM, I've not finished sleeping!
As I wearily open one groggy eye,
I catch a glimpse of Insomnia waving goodbye.
I know that all day tiredness I'll fight,
I hear him whisper "So long my friend, I'll see you tonight!"