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A poem about me wanting me to be a better me!

The Demon

Pz-avatarby Dominic Brathwaite12 Mar 2016

I've got a Demon inside that wants to come out,
A frustration within that wants to scream and shout.
But trying to unleash this assertive devil,
Is proving hard, like a candy crush level.
Deep down I know I want to be assertive and strong,
To let other people know "Hey I'm Dom!"
Listen to me I've got something to say,
Stop what you're doing don't walk away.
I want to be someone people come to for advice,
Sick of being ignored just because I'm nice.
Sometimes I feel the Demon bubbling with rage,
Just wish I had the key to unlock the cage.
And when I find it watch out world,
A new improved me will be unfurled.
I will rise from the ashes of my unconfident me,
The introverted one with low self esteem.
Like the T-1000 made of liquid metal,
Dismantled I'll put myself back together.
My demon will give the strength to terminate,
The negative parts of my mental state.
To be replaced by positive ones,
That help me from being shunned.
Confidence, forcefulness and being decisive,
Qualities I know I can advance through life with.
To show the world the real me,
I'm trying hard to locate that key.
Then without warning the lock snaps in two,
"Hi I'm the Demon, pleased to meet you!"............