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Orginally written on March 27th, 2013

The Humanist Hymn

Zd331199by Drew Brittain12 Aug 2014

Somebody asks,

"Do you believe in god?"

I said

I believe in words

And Love

And the sound of tea

And the taste of music

On my fingers.

The world spins so fast.

Hard to tell

The flowers from the bullets

Or Lovers from fighters except

The flowers always seem to die in the end.

But blood always pools

In the ponds and streams

Hidden, but never gone.

How many died in Abraham?

In Passchendaele? In Dieppe?

In the American Civil War?

To think, we live in their shadows.

Barely brave enough to peek around

The edges of our own constructed

Misery. But never looking up

See the clouds, faint memories prod

The sense but can't seem to shake

The feelings of battle-worn

"Aren't we so brave? Aren't

We so much better than

Them damn Yanks?" -mentality.

See the clouds, hear the wind

Whispering by, feel proud

Of your heritage.

After all, us Canucks

Are so funny and humble.

Us Albertans are so brave


Kind of folk.

Unlike those boys out east

And there ain't nobody like us.

Nobody at all.

See the clouds, feel the shadow

And dare to move on.