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A poem for a friend. Written and re-written many times over the last 6 months

"I Never Said I Was Afraid Of Dying"

Zd331199by Drew Brittain12 Aug 2014

Today I turned on the radio

And was reminded of our love

For the nebulous.

The songs still remind me of you

(Howls and screams, no words

To make a fool of herself/myself).

Maybe you see,

And maybe you don't.

I guess it doesn't really matter.

What it does mean,

Is that Julian drew

For his friend.

It never meant drugs

Or any of that other bullshit.

And, after John presented his

Creation to the world,

Everyone thought they knew

From appearances what

It all meant. No amount of explaining

Could ever change their minds.

You told me once

You wanted to be kissed in the

Rain. I don't

Remember the context

But the phrase stuck

And, sometimes,

I wonder if it's happened yet.

I guess it doesn't really matter.

"Just friends" is a turn of phrase

That indicates some sort of deficit that only exists

Because poets and lovers tried to make lust

The ultimate goal. A single

Line from stranger

To fuck-buddy

Seems to miss the point

Or joy of

Human interactions.

It's much easier now

Away from the old and stunted.

Away from stupid questions,

Away from stupid assumptions of gendered teams

(Guys with guys, girls with girls).

Away from posturing,

(I don't blame him; what else was he to think?

One can only digest what they've been fed).

And finally, away from the need to feel

Anything at all.

The rest, is left open to

Interpretation. The fog is

Rising, but not yet risen.

So, until then friend,

I suspect I shall rely

On you. And, perhaps,

You will do the same.