the first

Avatar_-_logoby dubbleaa10 Aug 2013

for the first time,
she could not imagine
what it would be like
to turn and gaze at him,
not because of his beautiful
face, which illuminated
her spirit, not because
she couldn't see their fingers
wrapped around each other
in her mind’s eye, but because
she never knew what it was like
to have someone she loved
sit close to her.

this troubled her deeply.
so, she shut her eyes tight
and thought of all the people
she had met in her life
who were as tall as he,
remembering how high
- the exact angle - she had
to raise her head. would
she have to go on tippy toes
to graze his lips with her rosebud
kiss? it had never mattered
before she met a sad-eyed man

who fed on her fire,
etched her words
into his armour strapped tight,
which he wore to face the day
in a stagnant land. it was he
who coveted her.
she, his walking razorblade.
it was he - the first
to treat her
as equal.
"the first" by dubbleaa (8/9/2013)