Ekpenyong-Abasi Ye Ekanem

07f297f4b4cd4234f74884ba11cb21e5by orok otu duke20 Mar 2015

She had inhabited his soul
And the toll was visible,
His lonesome island
Was no more a wasteland.

This has been where their love grew,
Etched future in the grove,
Nursing it to grow and bloom,
Just like the legends of old.

He now stares at her
Like he does not care,
Extremely saturated with pity
And morbid empathy.

Time has moved so fast,
All the friends I got on the way
Are galloping towards the past,
From whence we all came.

In the place where the lovers strolled,
Tears have now rolled.
Heaven had stood askance
As the rhythm left before the dance.