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Henry Miller at Greece

The colossus of sexus

45c393ec25b50586a193f31a7d6584adby In black wellies and yellow raincoat 22 Jul 2019

What you can get from a human voice
Some experience of eroticism

In cradle of civilization
In bathtube with naked Venus

Expressions are illuminated
Sounds of noisy moaning

Repetions of mine postures
Rotten flowers of poetic evil

I am at paradise of zen sex
Bronz skin is preserving mine
For a minute
When a minute die
My tongue--prints---stop---to--exist---
But---I----will be still----alive-----

In another minute of mine life
I am stimulating her breathing

She is not a beautiful magnolia
But she have deep roots at me

Condratictions of mine writing
Punctations of mine exposures

Completly free---out of a logic
Chaotic mind of still moment

Here is no one to be blame
No dirty crime------no dirty name----

If she stay for more longer and more deep
I will make her Souvlaki dinner
I will shave her hairy wings
Egoistic self---defency----


Survivers of ancient massacres
Survivers of ancient poverty

I am alone at my Greek's bathtube
I reading----Justine---
By Lawrence Durrel

Existence of existence
I am lost in my paradise

I shaving her hairy wings
Perfect motions are bloodless

I put on me---white--t--shirt
White pants
Ready to stroll around the Pompei

To catch another atraction
To use mine erection


I am watching
Vagina of Venus

Mysterious ---unpredicteble---
Swallowing mine sperms

Colossus of sexus
Returing into whomb