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This is the opening poem in my next collection, Daughters of Invention.

we are women

Will_travel_front_grabby e. amato04 Jun 2014

we are women of wandering spirits
fixed hearts
eyes lifted forever to sun moon
whatever rises continually
what hope is we see in stars
and the glint of light in your eyes

we are women of strong backs
even when they are weakened, injured, old, creaking
we remember them strong
and act accordingly
no matter how much it hurts

we are women of grave insight
sending us to the very corners of love
to see what the trouble is what it might be
and how it can be fixed
it’s more important than keeping house

we are women
simply stunningly, daily
we tread ground no one has tested or tried
on cracked feet of ancestors
knowledge rises up through us root to crown
we are determined
to know
what it is
and more
what it could be
and more
what we might make of it
and much more