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Published in FLARE 01, the inaugural issue of the broadsheet from the Sunflower Sessions readings in Jack Nealon's Public House in Capel Street, Dublin.

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse, 2010

Eamonmaguidhir_thumbnail_02by Éamon Mag Uidhir21 Dec 2016

They travel oblivious, each rhynitic
snout tucked deep in a Metro
or a vapid vampire novel.
But I have seated myself
with my back to the engine
driver—the way my mother
would never sit on a bus
for fear of charabanc
sickness—and looking West I’m watching
the slow deliberate devouring
of all that green cheese by the
hungry earth shadow mouse.

The moon is being swallowed
by darkness, as the Meath fields
have been gobbled by the
gluttonous snow—the question
now is whether to broach the startling
motion of the heavenly
spheres with my neighbour
passenger, so busy weighing
City's failure to go top
at Everton. Or let it go.

Oh, a small step for a shoddy planet's
puny moon, you may well say,
but I for one have been inspired
to see that pale sky nugget,
very much one of our own,
upstage the swaggering solstice sun.