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Herr D. at the Fossil Reef

Eamonmaguidhir_thumbnail_02by √Čamon Mag Uidhir03 Nov 2013

Curve of coral,
You basked in bright water
Warm as blood till
Catastrophe swaddled
You in a bandage
Of tight stone.
Since we are cousins of a sort,
Three hundred million years
Removed, I will confide:
I too was frozen, petrified,
Not here in this dull geography
Of shore, stone, shell and sky,
Where only the hare
And the cormorant move
With ease, but in a twist of air,
When time sighed,
Where a sad love
Lived and gave,
And a tired love
Lied and died.
Though the body moves on,
Ignore it, the heart stands still,
But without serenity.
I see your situation
All too perfectly.
Writhe on, coral, in your
Motionless infinity.
There is just no waking
From this sleep of stone.

Ghost of an old wind,
Soul of a damned sea,
We are waves doomed
To crash and cringe
For twice eternity.
We are rocks enduring
An ancient pain,
Silently, stoically.
Grey heart, grey sky,
grey sea.