Spring Evening (Böcklin)

Pz-avatarby Eden Abergel15 Feb 2021

Let this enchanted melody consume me into ashes.
Let the world turn into flames as he would not have me.
As I stand there staring at my future as the past hold me back
As one more step will end in distraction.
He calls my name while his melody consumes my soul that yarn to be his,
I take another glimpse of the nymph that once was his as I know my life will end the same.
He plays with her pain the dreed that once was the glorious nymph of all.
Zeus hears my cries from my downfall as I cannot resist his luring chant.
Sacrifice me as you did with Syrinx.
I humbly pledge my life in your hand.
Save me from the chant of hell as he will devour every ounce of what was once me.
The soul of Syrinx holding my hand as she gives me away.
My soul longs to detach from this mortal body as his frightening chant possesses me.
I am doomed to be his as his price.