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It's just like Jane Eyre.

Alone in the Attic Room

Wonderlandby El 21 Aug 2013

The door is shut so you can’t see the real me, no one needs to see the truth behind the smile. Irregular heart beats and a twitch is all fine. Condescending trips of the tongue over wine make you feel better about yourself and better about me but I never should have told you. Because now I am weak to you.

With a lack of knowledge. Weakness is uncontrollable.

If its all so easy then why is this pain relentless? It came at a bad time but its always a bad time when you’re hiding from truths and jumping from 44 caliber frozen brocolli.

So tonight, the door will remain shut. And I shall remain hidden.

As noone needs to see the real me. Whoever she is, she needs to get a grip.

But her fingers are made out of oil and her toes are allergic to intimacy.