A Golden Pendant- Short story ideas - blast from the past

Pz-avatarby Eliya Biton18 May 2020

Nothing prepared her for the moment when her life turned from end to end. Vanessa was a girl; everyone dreams of being and living her life. Married to a wealthy man with two sweet children, a dog, and a garden with a pool overlooking the California mountains. All this did not stop her from receiving the career she always wanted and dreamed of, and today she runs a successful and popular cosmetics company all over the world. About her past, Vanessa pretty much prefers to delete, forget and put in a locked box whose key location is unknown. The high school period was not her peak in life that kept her from fulfilling herself. She fell in love with the 12th grader boy when she was in 10th grade. It wasn't a day without her dreaming, thinking, looking, glancing, or imagining the moment they first met. 1.7 The first day of summer, or as Vanessa said, "the first day of love." It all started in the municipal pool, and Vanessa and her friends were so excited about the first day of freedom they decided to go to the pool together. And of course, the first day of summer invites everyone to cool off in a pool full of young and young, light drinking and light refreshments. At the pool entrance, she stood in line with her friends, she opened the bag and took out her purse to pay for the pool entrance ticket. The wallet fell off, and, like any successful telenovela, he stood in front of her and handed her the wallet, Chris, the guy she fell in love with in grade 12. Vanessa's murmur could not embarrass her anymore. She took the wallet, saying thank you and ran to her friends without looking back. In the evening, when she had returned home, she went in for a shower and left the phone on the dresser by her bed. When she returned, she saw a message from an unknown number, which read: "Hey, I don't know if you remember, but this is the guy from the pool who helped you with your wallet. I think dropping a heart-shaped gold pendant, so know that I didn't have a chance to give you back because you probably hurried or were ashamed. "Vanessa read the message at least ten times, rubbed her eyes, opened her mouth in astonishment, and issued a slight scream that woke her little brother. She replied: "Hi, thank you for the effort you put in, and this is also the pendant my grandmother bought me, I carry it in my wallet that will not go away, I would love to meet and take it." Chris soon replied: "Yes, of course, I would love to meet." From that moment, Vanessa's life has changed for the first time. It was the mutual, warmth, and happiness that surrounded her that made her feel the most fortunate girl in the world. They spent the whole summer vacation together, and when the summer vacation was over, she returned to school, and he would wait for her at his house with a hot meal every afternoon. They spent a whole year together, until the moment Chris had to leave California with his family and move to another state due to his father's mission. Vanessa felt as if her world collapsed, and decided to give Chris as a souvenir her gold pendant. It was hard, but like any difficult breakup, life goes on and on, and everything has gone. But Vanessa never forgot Chris, always leaving a huge corner in her heart. Ten years passed, and Vanessa got married, graduated with an MBA and media marketing, brought two children, and adopted a sweet dog. Her life changed from end to end a second time. But third-time ice cream and it was. Winter, rain, lightning storm, the kids are already asleep, and this is a great opportunity for a glass of red wine with your husband, under a warm blanket. The quiet was soothing, but one knock on the door broke the silence in the house, and an unknown place also interrupted Vanessa's life. She got up to open the door and saw Chris, all wet, with his hand extended in the direction of Vanessa and the golden heart pendant in his hand. The glass of wine fell from her hand; her husband immediately ran to the entrance and did not understand what was happening. Vanessa was confused and didn't know what to say to whom, where to go or where to bury herself. She told her husband to come in and wait in the living room and that she was already coming. Chris did not change at all, the same smooth face like a baby's, a smile that melts hearts, lush hair, and blue eyes like the sea. Everything hit her in the face, all the memories flooded her mind, and the box that made sure she was locked broke open without notice. The scales in her mind started to go crazy, and she no longer knew what to do, on the one hand, a beloved family, a successful career, and an amazing husband. And on the other, the first love of her life. Questions flooded her head, and she stood there, confused, trying to find the right answer for everything going on but nothing. Chris stood there, looking up, waiting for you to say something, and then he called out her name: "Vanessa, it's me, Chris." The trial that crushed her heart and did not warn her of what was about to happen. She lifted her head and stared into his eyes. She took the pendant from his hand, slammed the door of her house, and returned to her husband.