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I posted this poem on this website for the #yesallwomen hashtag on twitter. This poem and others like it can be found in my first anthology, available on smashwords, called "What Makes a Mean Girl."

Take a Picture

Pz-avatarby Elizabeth Devine03 Jun 2014

Take a picture
go ahead
it will last longer than the bruises
the ring of red flesh around my neck
the swelling in me that made your touch
feel like sandpaper.
Take a picture
go ahead
show it on the web for all of your friends
to laugh at
and rate
I’m fine
I’ll see out of my right eye again
I’ll go about my plans
my life
I’ll sing one day, facing the mirror,
and not stop and shut my mouth
when I see the cracked tooth you left me.
Take a picture, so I can remember too
what a good time you had
at my expense
the way you watched me dance before hand
and smiled
as if to pretend that I was about to have
a good time, too.