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Farce-fed is a poem that will be featured in Elizabeth Devine's coming anthology What Makes a Man Eater, available in September.

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Pz-avatarby Elizabeth Devine04 Aug 2014

Separated, denominated, miscalculated,
around for a farce and force-fed
dreams of fool’s gold
in the shape of a made homes
and “do what you’re told.”

Give birth and shut in
until all you had to say
in bubbling turmoil under your
frowning skin.

Remember, you’ll reap a reward,
an afterlife of silent, overlooked
more obedience
to an old, dusty book

full of man’s self-proclaimed glory
and hope
to take pleasure from the flesh they find
brand with metal bands
and deny all else beside.

Until we’re
segregated, humiliated,
forgotten if not pure,
honored with disregard ,
and enslaved to the absurd.