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This poem came to me after watching numerous documentaries about different cults.

Behind the Smile

Avatar-6646by Holly Garner23 Jul 2013

When dying breaths never end,
the bells strike noon once again.
Lost dreams cry, begging one's sight;
bringing darkness into light.

Raw emotions lurk too close,
reality in high dose.
Smiles hiding what lay behind,
making sorrow hard to find.

Hopes now lie in cluttered heaps.
The key is what evil keeps.
Joy cannot be understood.
No matter what, never could.

Not one knows the taste of life,
only the sting of the knife.
Ruled by fate and useless fear,
enough to make one's eye tear.

Days are ending forever.
Lives are taken whenever.
Eyes are open, cannot see;
movement is stilled by the fee.