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We are all born unique. No one can tell us how our life will turn out. The child you were might develop into an entirely different adult. Don’t be surprised if one morning you wake up and no longer recognize the person in the mirror. Instead be curious. Is this really you? Are you pretending to be someone else? Maybe, you’re just growing up. Trust yourself.


Ef235ba1bbda4e9692604f1871c5f5d4by Emily Masterson28 Feb 2020

They say it starts with a cry
That moment you first open your eyes

Nothing is clear
What feeling?
What vision?
What mind?

In a blink of an eye the world condenses 
But you're surrounded by all these invisible fences

One step too far
Go back!

It’s too late you’re embraced 
Trapped in the center of your worst fate 

You’re pushed and pulled
Cheated and fooled 
But most of all broken 

The pieces are scattered in all directions
Like a broken mirror 
You’ve lost your reflection

Bits of you are unknown 
That’s how they live
That’s how they grow 

On lies
On curiosity 
And most of all longing
For a connection as strong
As the deepest affection