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If you could change one thing about yourself would you? It could be physical, spiritual, mental, and even situational, but the change is permanent.


Ef235ba1bbda4e9692604f1871c5f5d4by Emily Masterson28 Feb 2020

Can nobody hear me?
Kicking and screaming
Crying and drifting

Can nobody see me?
Falling apart and bleeding
Can nobody save me?
From the constant pain

Give me more…

Red, White, and Blue’s
Turning into black
Turning into traps
Turning into lies
Saying things
You can’t take back

Pointing fingers
Taking names
Kicking ass

Taking ass
Kicking names
Getting confused bout space
And your place
Where you’d rather sleep
Than stay awake

Hear the screams
Feel the knives
Hide in the closet
Hide in the car
Hide in the bathroom
Hide the scars

Keep driving
Maybe I won’t go home

Give me more…

It’s not enough…

I’m straight
But I feel as misplaced
As a broke trans without a pussy
Crawling in her own skin
Forever born to it