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A society is measured by how well they take care of the least fortunate within that society. How does your country rate? My country has homeless, mentally ill, and starving people but 'we' are supposed to be the Mightiest Nation on Earth -- bullshit. We eat our own. My the Cosmos/God help us all!

SCHIZOPHRENIC PROSE - The Secret Society of Hidden People

Eprobles-poetby E.P.Robles05 Aug 2019

My soul is lost upon ice-blue crevasses so deeply!
help me my blue elephant
that lettuce is brave
like electrons always saying hello --> and never goodbyes!
Y o u s l i p on/lice and break your arms
it's all so SCHIZOPHRENIC: tangentiality!
stilted speech and phonemic paraphasia
are mainly broken-minded poets
who use both sides of a pencil
-+95% of black eyes kill 5% of rabbits
and the bird whistles in Japaneses:
"sei shin bun retsu byo"
( mind split disease)
where logic and proportion falls
between the King & Queen
AND ALL ANGELS go to 7-Eleven
in their heavenly garments to buy
hot dogs and slur-pees
and writing is a socially acceptable
form of schizophrenia...hmm....
such is the paradox of delusion
and how are you? When you walk down
a sidewalk to the abuse of verbally
abusive birds chirping loudly how
dull and stupid you are. So you move into
a homeless shelter and make new friends!

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