Eprobles-poetby E.P.Robles10 Oct 2019

that i have thoughts of you bring the simplest and most pure feelings / the perfection of Love has full lips and a brilliant mind which brings me lust!
that i have just be these few reaching words to caress your longing heart is the same for me ~ always the last of the waves crashing upon my life as the white flotsam reaches an instance of memory from our future.
A simple moment of perfect love and voracious hunger for endless time with only you!
each part of my body is for Earth as each part of my Soul is for you. And the babbling confused world is jokingly amused by truth and how blue swims within yellows and reds escape the binding pleasure of bright red! And how two-legged thoughts seep into the cracks of humanity and love ~ that truest and most divine power rests within each of our hearts
And this idea of passion is light--the quantum of our Creator's eyes fizzingly surrounding our Life.
The whales of Atlantic pleasure echoes songs throughout the world's oceans.
And me; just a speck of emotions and thoughts riding the crested waves of living.
The amazing thing called
E X I S T E N C E.