Eprobles-poetby E.P.Robles16 Oct 2019

HE sat upon a stump across the fresh and free
AND laughed against the blowing yellows
and greens all upon a tree
The eyes of everything rolling across his head
that fans the heart: explosions against rocks
and marsh mellow pies
Sutured lips and broken hearts /broken hips
and small talk\ A dark cloud sang sizzling steaks
Frowning as darkly as it could
With undulating umbrellas, lank and pink;
her hand took it
And regarding the picture of this image;
all eyes turned upon vision with ties
And with deep respect so wet, cold, and grim,
unerringly her hand gave him the staff
of a fountain with drinking unicorns and time
burning away
A space apart, like one in dreams he stood,
then offered plastering pleasantries --
a gold star porter.

:: ~ ::