Eprobles-poetby E.P.Robles04 Feb 2020

i can never tell you how displeased readers
are by that position the singular
moment when nothing makes any sense
to them at all but only to a few brilliant pebbles

that soar across the night canvas unknown
to the dullards of academia
it is the ONLY reason i write; to express
self to those very few who HEAR ME.
the rest are noise and there is no
time for wasting one's artistry on rigid brains
and stiff
necked human-geese.
Then again, my imagination never demands
an audience of understanding but more
of an emotional receptivity.

A slumbering shadowy cloud-vignette
seeping from a tormented mind onto
freshly sliced paper cuts.
This is the color red screaming in a dying ink stroke.

:: 07-21-2017 ::
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