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Eprobles-poetby E.P.Robles22 Feb 2020

Edison was an a$$hole but Tesla a true gentleman of scientific progress
and even though they do not know we are simply looking through
the papers of life''s nature; life flows like

B u t t e r f l i e s --> and someday
rocks will sing ; 'we wish you love
and we wish you peace'
oh yea
oh yea
wish we lived within a better time than now now-now
no hearse pulls a u-hall behind it now-now
if you give it away give it all away i say
and moths have no feed-time on a closet of emptiness
as empty heads require no hats -- there-there;
who wears a real hat these days?
Sinking waters hold ships tighter than leather-
skin and she was a grand woman with
a long neck and longer abdomen
-- forgive the orchids for they ate her and spat up
fluorescent pink angel hair.