Eprobles-poetby E.P.Robles01 Mar 2020

I took the wax of your melted love
and shaped an orchid-OrGan-garden
of baby breath as legions of devils
cried playing fire harps
while I stomped tulips beneath cloven
hoovesMyGaud sees me naked
even the tattoo on my a$$;
Nothing hidden from his grace
i have a trick o’ bent knee
and a disease life gives me
a beating heart count down
and the numbers are weak
and your purseLips kissmee
i lick the floor below your feet
crying harps sing and a devil
laughs behind SunsKinCANcer–
a curtain of angel hair; she knows
i eat the baby breath of gardens
and the birds hate hungry cats

:: 07-02-2014 ::
Rev: 02.23.2020