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A rather deeply disturbed and unpleasant individual on twitter, decided it might be "fun" to abuse me on the day of my PTSD counselling.

despite repeated requests to back off or leave me alone, he continued behaving like a childish prick.
I kept my cool, maintained my dignity and passed my own test; the only one that matters!

Oh little "warrior"

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg01 May 2015

Oh little keyboard warrior
so you "respect the fight" do you?
allow me to explain
just where you've gone wrong
and why you are
such a colossal moron
we'll begin
with your arrogant tinge
when you elevated yourself
to the dizzying heights
of judge, jury and champion
what you really said to the world
was: "I can type"
that won't win you many real "fights"

When you elected to bully
a hostage and torture survivor
the message you sent was:
"I'll attack a tank, with a keyboard"
silly, silly boy.

It is not a "fight" to be abusive
neither is it brave or clever
to eschew compassion for a quick fix
of your enjoyment of the "broken" status
you so revel in
neither is it your place
to be such a judgemental tool
when it is clear from your behaviour
you have issues beyond count
you monumental fool
So kindly take your attitude
your frustration at my peace
shove them up your asshole
somewhere where they can keep.