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I wrote roughly a dozen poems, one after the other one evening. Each short one, a part of one evening and the morning in the lives of two lovers.

This is them combined, with the missing material I didn't bother to publish before.

It isnt elegant or clever, but the mental images I had when I wrote the poems were very pretty. So the memories make up for the lack of poetic ability (to me at least!)

One night

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg04 May 2015

Will we still be
the friends we are today
if I cross that line now
and make you mine?
Will you still laugh with me
and hold my hand?

How then can we progress
from this awkward silence
to step from here
to that place where
an honest peace lies
beyond our fervour

Take my hand
I'm not done yet
dance with me
pretty lady
I'll help you forget
the lesser ones
that don't know
how to love

And on my chest
your beautiful face
shall rest
my heartbeat strong
for it's mate
I'll not sleep now
nor much later
the smell of you

In that place
where you dream
listen for my song
the harmonics
of a soul that is strong
I will join you
and guide you there
we belong

But should I fail to be
all that you require of me
take heart and know
I am not weak
This man you see
fights and climbs for love

Should the dream darken
as they often do
you, my light
may take my place as guide
and I, your faithful companion
will follow you

In the sweet waking
eyes that seek mine
yet still lying in my arms
your head upon my chest
the words you whisper
ones I waited for all night

That first morning kiss
on soft lips that smile
their content
a listing of heads
towards port
that we own
familiar tastes
we are home

A morning chorus
beautiful orchestra
in these golden fields
sing lovingly of your beautiful soul
accompanied by your smile

Dance with me again
pretty lady
but this time in the sun
my joy at your smile
the seal;
the deed is done