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Ok, glider probably very hard to understand to the uninitiated.
but of the three types of flying I do, gliding is my favourite recreationally and to those of us who have been glider pilots since a young age, there really is nothing else like it.

Whispering wings

Evil-minionby Ethel Twigg06 May 2015

"It looks like a toy" she said to me
I smiled inside
some toys bring us ecstasy
these are my favourite steeds
protected from the elements
without the grime and noise
of the others I enjoy
sleek, white and strong
thrilling yet graceful
elegant swan
sheer stunning agility
swooping around the sky
insinuating herself through the air
my whispering wings
delighting feathered friends
up here
friend to me from a boy
my aged, tattered logs
a testament
to our life long friendship
I know her creaks and moans
though they are few
and I know the limits
what I can do with her
how hard to ride her
and when to gently
but firmly
slide her
into the next warm patch
of invisible ecstasy
we've travelled far
over mountains and valleys
caught by storms once or twice
my fervour urging her
to become wet
and ride the turbulence
she and I deliver one another
back to earth
our eternal bond once again
better than sex by far.